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HNS's core technology is liquid jet injection, which is used for the needle-free administration of medications and vaccines. Jet injection is based on the principle of using a mechanical energy source to create a release of pressure sufficient to push a dose of liquid medication through a very small orifice, creating a thin column of fluid that penetrates the skin and is injected into the subcutaneous tissue, without the use of a needle.

Advantages of Needle-Free

  • Improve patient acceptance of therapy – Let's face it, no one likes injections with needles! By eliminating the needle from injection therapies, the net result is better acceptance by patients.
  • Increase patient compliance – Better acceptance leads to better compliance. By eliminating the “fear factor” from taking injections, patients will be less likely to skip a dose or delay treatment.
  • Eliminate risks of sharps injuries and disposal hassles – Recent Federal and State legislation has mandated the use of safety injection products in healthcare facilities. Needle-free injection is a primary prevention tool that eliminates the risk of accidental needle stick injuries and disposal risks associated with needle syringes.
  • Product differentiation in competitive market – The increasingly competitive pharmaceutical marketplace demands constant innovation to stand out from the crowd. Needle-free injection offers a proven means of differentiating injection therapies through a more patient-friendly delivery device.
  • Gain market share and increase drug sales – By increasing patient acceptance, improving compliance, and offering innovation in the marketplace, the net result for the pharmaceutical manufacturer is sales and market share growth.